Fly fishing at it’s best

My Flyfishing Estate

Through the wild rugged scenery of the Drakensberg Mountains in Mpumalanga Province, flows one of the finest trout fishing streams in the country.  Here, on the banks of the beautiful Spekboom, nestles Highland Run Fly Fishing Estate, the perfect habitat for both trout and fisherman.

Forming part of the Mount Anderson Water Catchment Reserve, Highland Run is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, including many species of antelope and the elusive leopard.  Those able to tear themselves away from the five kilometres of rapids, riffles, runs, glides and pools, can hike and bike in the Reserve, in the company of over a hundred species of Highveld avifauna. The magic Spekboom Valley, accessed via a 17km dirt road near Lydenburg, still bears relics of its romantic gold-rush days.

Fly fishing at it’s best

Accommodation is in two charming, fully appointed cottages where highly trained housekeepers see to your comfort.  Thanks to its remote location and bright starlit skies, the après fishing experience at Highland Run creates many extra special memories.

“Highland Run on Mpumalanga’s Spekboom River sees off the opposition.  An isolated valley with more than a touch of romantic history, a weekend at the Run is like a week on another planet.  It is probably some of the most isolated fishing in the country, situated as it is away from pubs, shops and villages, and this in itself is a plus.  But the clarity of the river, the variety it offers and the sporting nature of its challenge will make it hard to dislodge... As we drive out of the valley, there is almost a physical shock of re-entry as the spell is broken and the real world reasserts itself. I have a suspicion that you don’t age when you are in the Spekboom Valley, but that’s only one of the reasons why I’m going back again.” Andrew Levy, National President of the Federation of Southern African Flyfishers (FOSAF)