5 Tips For Spotting Fish

Fly fishing is a great hobby, fun and calming; but it is not always easy to catch fish. Before you cast your rod into the river or stream, you need to spot the fish; spotting gives you enough time and the details you require to plan your strategy.

Spotting gives you an opportunity to gauge what cast needs to be made and from which direction; it gives you an opportunity to see what the fishing is doing – all this information will help you decide on an effective approach.

If you do not spot properly, you won’t be able to catch trout and they may spot you and swim away. We have put together tips that will help you spot properly and catch lots of trout.

5 Tips to help you spot trout

    1. Move slowly
      Trout don’t usually move too fast; they move at an efficient pace, which can make them difficult to spot. If you move slow enough, you will be able to spot the fish. Sometimes stopping completely also helps you spot what you are looking for.


    1. Go fishing at a place that has clear water
      Clear water is easier to see through. When you go fly fishing, make sure that you look through the water and not just at it. Many people miss their catch because they’re not looking close enough.clear-water
    2. Go fishing with a friend
      Team work makes the dream work! It will be much easier for you to spot fish if you go with a friend; both of you can be on the lookout. You and your friend can take different sides of the river and spot from two different angles.


    1. Search the run thoroughly
      Take your time and search the run thoroughly. Make sure that your survey every part of the river; even go to the other side and look from there. Trout spotting requires a lot of patience and perseverance; don’t give up, keep searching.


  1. Take note of the sun
    Spotting is easier when the sun is shining on the river. If you go when the sun is close to the horizon, you will have a hard time; your shadow will frighten the fish and cause them to get away. The glare of the sun will make it difficult for you to spot the fish.



If you want to have a successful fly fishing trip, you must spot the fish before you cast your rod. Spotting will help you decide how to approach the fish; it helps you decide what cast you need to make and from which angle.

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