A Day of Fly Fishing Keeps the Doctor Away

Our minds are constantly at work as we shift from one role to another in one day. We have deadlines to meet, children to pick up and friends to catch up with; life and its demands can be very overwhelming and exhausting. Fly fishing is a fun and relaxing past-time that gives you an opportunity to quieten your thoughts and get a bit of exercise.

Fly fishing Health Benefits


What are the health benefits of fly fishing?

If you are looking for an activity that involves basking in the beautiful outdoors and calming your mind whilst working your core muscles, you should definitely consider fly fishing. It offers both physical and mental benefits.


Physical benefits of fly fishing

Fly fishing BenefitsStanding on the slippery rocks, trying to maintain the perfect balance against the stream’s current is a great workout for your legs. Wading against the resistance caused by the current, as you troll for trout, is good for your calves and lower back.

Casting backward and forward is great for you because it works your wrists, forearms, and shoulders; it also strengthens the muscles in your upper back.  Another physical perk of fly fishing is that you can burn up to 1500 calories from casting your fly rod!


Mental benefits of fly fishing
Fly Fishing Mental BenefitsIt is human nature to multi-task and focus on a lot of things at once; fly fishing forces you to focus your mental energy on one thing – fly fishing. It’s all about developing the perfect strategy and silently casting your fly rod to find trout in a moving stream – pure equanimity. Fly fishing has been found to lower the level of cortisol, also known as the “stress-hormone”, in your brain.

This meditative and relaxing activity offers you an escape from the busyness of your mind and the city. You also get to feel a great sense of accomplishment when you catch trout!


To further prove the health benefits of fly fishing, initiatives such as Casting for Recovery, have used the relaxing activity as a means of improving the lives of those battling physical and psychological illnesses.

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