Birds of the Highland Run Fly Fishing Estate

The Highland Run Flyfishing Estate is a premium fly fishing destination that forms part of the Mount Anderson Catchment Reserve. Not only do we offer a magnificent fly fishing experience, but we also have an astonishing array of birds that you can marvel at while you wait for the perfect moment to cast your rod.

At the Highland Run Fly Fishing Estate, there are over a hundred species of avifauna soaring in our skies and nesting in our trees. We have put together a list of four of the birds you will spot at the Highland Run Fly Fishing Estate.


Four birds you will see at the Highlands Run Fly Fishing Estate

  1. Knysna Lourie
    The Knysna Lourie is mostly found in South Africa; it can be spotted in Mpumalanga, Kwa-Zulu Natal, and the Western and Eastern Cape. These birds are part of the African bear-passerine birds. knysna-loerieKnysna Louries are agile, and they are usually seen flying from tree to tree or hopping from one branch to the next. They mostly feed on berries, fruit, insects and earthworms.These birds can be identified by their curved, orange bill and brown eyes. They have a tall green crest, which is tipped in white.
  2. Cinnamon Dove
    The cinnamon dove is a small bird that is part of the pigeon family. These birds mainly feed on citrus fruit; hence they are also called Lemon Doves. You can identify these birds by their grey body and white markings on their face. Cinnamon Doves are usually found in montane forests of sub-Saharan Africa.cinnamon-dove
  3. Black-eyed Bulbul
    Black-eyed Bulbuls are songbirds found in most regions of Africa and Asia. Like the Knysna Lourie, these birds are part of the passerine group of birds. Black-eyed Bulbuls are usually found in woodlands, forest edges and riverine bushes; you will find them in pairs or small groups. These birds can be identified by their short frame and down-curving upper mandible; they are usually greyish-brown above and whitish-brown below, with a touch of yellow near their tail. Black-eyed Bulbuls usually feed on nectar, fruit, and
  4. Golden Weaver
    Golden Weavers are majestic birds that can be identified by their yellow feathers and yellow eyes. These birds are usually found in areas that have tall grass and dense vegetation along streamlines. Golden Weavers usually feed on seeds, nectar, fruit, insects and berries. Golden Weavers are territorial and monogamous.golden-weaver


The Highland Run Fly Fishing Estate boasts a wide array of exotic birds. Click here to view a list of other birds you will spot while enjoying a day of fly fishing.