What Is The Right Fly Fishing Gear?

So you are new to the fly fishing game; you’ve tagged along on a few trips and have sat on the side lines but now it’s time for you to get involved. Before you start looking for the best fly fishing spot, you need to make sure that you are well-prepared for this new adventure.

The first step to becoming a pro is to make sure that you have the correct gear. Each piece of  fly fishing gear is essential to having a great fly fishing experience.



Essential fly fishing equipment

1. A fly rod
What is fly fishing without the fly rod? Non-existent. The fly rod is the tool you cast into the river or stream to catch your fish. Fly rods come in different sizes; since you are a beginner fly fisher, we would suggest that you start with one that is about 2m long and is light.

Light weight fly rods are used for small fish or small streams. Start small; you’ll work your way up as you learn to master the art of fly fishing. We have written a blog on selecting the correct fly fishing rod, check it out.


2. A fly reel

A good quality fly reel will allow for a smooth drag when you catch your fish, and it counterbalances the weight of your fly rod when you cast it into the water. Be sure to purchase a fly reel that matches the weight of your fly rod so that when you cast the rod, you have proper support. A correct fly reel is one that will be able to hold the fly line and backing for the weight of your fly rod.

3. Flies
Without the flies, you won’t be able to go fly fishing. You should purchase a variety of flies; get a range that includes dry flies, nymphs and streamers.



Fly fishing is a relaxing hobby. If you have the correct equipment, you will definitely enjoy it. Now that you know what you need, go out there and catch yourself a fish or two.